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Social and Emotional SACC
Social and emotional skills learned by students through UCS' School Age Child Care Program
Posted on 09/29/2021

As children return to school and parents back to work, Utica Community Schools (UCS) helps care for kindergarten through sixth grade students before and after school though the School Age Child Care (SACC) program.

With an emphasis on social and emotional growth, Becky Davis, SACC director and West Utica Elementary preschool teacher, said there is a mentality of “we’re all in this together” at SACC.

“I teach them rules and how to talk to each other, how to win and how to be okay with losing a game,” said Davis. “We’re learning together.”

Malaiah Gadson, West Utica kindergartener and SACC student, said “my favorite thing (about SACC) is doing activities and playing with my friends.”

One of those SACC friends is West Utica fifth grader, Christian Lane.

“Usually, we play games like connect four or card games,” said Lane as he worked on a school project. “But I have a lot of work to get done today.”

SACC directors and assistant directors create a sense of structure and support for the students while allowing them the opportunity to release some of their energy.

“I try to make it fun for them because I know they will have a long day in school,” Davis said.

SACC is not only fun for the students, but it is fun and rewarding for the SACC directors and assistant directors, as well.

“I enjoy it, I enjoy watching them grow,” said Davis. “You can get some satisfaction from teaching kids through play.”

SACC is offered at 14 schools across UCS for morning care and 11 schools for afternoon care. UCS is actively hiring interested and qualified individuals to help the children enrolled in the SACC program.

“If you like to work with kids, this is where to start,” said Davis. “It helped me so much, I learned a lot just by working with SACC.”

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling in the program as a UCS student or working with the program as an employee, please contact Jenelle Dubey at 586-797-6904 or [email protected]