Adult Education Graduation 2019
Adult Education, UALC graduates celebrate their successes, hopes for the future
Posted on 06/12/2019
2019 Adult Education Graduation CeremonyLucas McGuffin set out a series of hopes and dreams for the more than 230 graduates this year from the Utica Alternative Learning Center and Adult Education programs. 

“My hope is that when we meet later on down the road of life, we will have amazing stories to share with one another,” he said Tuesday night at graduation. “My hope is that we become fearless. My hope is that we live with no regrets.” 

Students who took the non-traditional route to earning their diploma said they pursued a diploma to not only meet their goal, but to set an example for their children and grandchildren. 

Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns noted a mother-daughter pair graduating the same evening – Rebecca Cowan and Toni Revard – who earned a diploma for their daughter/granddaughter. 

“I know you are an inspiration to her and each other, but I want you to know you are an inspiring story for all of us,” Dr. Johns said. 

Adult Education speaker Heather Parton said her graduation will also send a message to her young son. 

“I always knew I wanted to finish, and I felt strongly that if I was going to tell him it is important to achieve his high school diploma that I must be living that example,” she said. 

Board of Education Dr. Robert Ross compared the journey of 2019 graduates to a poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

“Each of you took your own path, the road less traveled so to speak, and as the poet said, that has made all of the difference,” Dr. Ross said. “Life is not a race to the end, we know what our common destiny is, it’s the road that you travel- the journey – that matters.” 

UALC Supervisor Marc Kay equated the life of graduates to another story - the children’s book Little Engine That Could, addressing family, persevering through health or work issues that derailed them from a traditional educational setting. 

“At the end of the day, you stood up, did not give up, and said I think I can, I think I can,” he said. 

Nikole Vulinovic spoke about the support that is offered from every member of the UALC community – teachers, parents, administrators, classmates and families. 

“Utica Alternative Learning Center is known as being a small school with big dreams,” she said. 

Congratulations 2019 Graduates

Adult Education
Rveen Shakir Abdul-Ahid 3
Randa Al-Lalloo 3
Kiristeena Yousif-Issac Alqas
Tanya Zuhair-Andraws Andraws 3 4
Maryam Tareq Azeez
Rande Sameer-Eesa Bashee
Abderaouf Bouslah
Connisha Brenda Brooks 5
Raed Amer Buttrus 5
Edea Anwar Chooka 3
Rebecca Lynn Cowan
Anita Macweal Deryawish
Tomo Djurasevic
Souad Elhouss-Ghazi 1 3 4
Lubna Faraj Elias 3
Riham Elias 5
Lorena Gegovic
Mirela Gjoka
Ninwe Shimoun-Hormez Hormez 3 4
Maha Nabeel-Shaba Jatw
Violeta Juncaj
Flora Wossam Kachi 3 5
Kareen Pshtiwan-Dnha Khoran
Donald Ray Myers Jr. 1 3
Heather Lee Parton 1 3 5
Tammi Sue Phelps 1
Sage Paulina Pieprzyk 1
Toni Lynn Revard
Velinka Schultz
Susan Kay Siwecki
John Robert Tindle 1
Liza Toma
Andrew Lewis Weith
Atera N. Yousif
Rachel Jaclyn Zack
Luma Saeed Zaitona
Rita Kurkji Zara 5

Alternative Learning Center
Nathan Thomas Acho 1
Nicolas James Andrews
Emanuel Raed Bahry
Yazmeen Renee Bahry
Essa T. Batoo
Nicholas Francis-Andre Baum
Fady Sami Bayador
Gerald Lee Blanco 1
Luke Jeffrey Brisendine 1
Aaron Darrel Brooks
Rosario Joseph Bucci
Dorjel Bunda
Jafar Ajani Carter
Dylan Richard Cartwright
Diamond Marina Cheverez
Jacob Ben-Manasseh Collins
Jennifer Nicole Couwlier
Raimonda Samer Dababneh 1
Kareen Majid-Manuel Denha
Elizabeth Pearl DeVaughn 1
Sara Ann Dube 1 2
Brody Devon Forsythe 1
Andrew Raid Garmo
Tawer Zaya Hana
Marvin Gana Hanna
Joseph Allen Jankowski 2
Selvin Muwafak Jarbo
Zaria Jenay Jernigan 1
Ronald Joseph Jewett 1 2
Saimon Jorjis
Fatjon Mithat Kalemaj
Tanner Michael Kilgallin 3
Justin Haytham Koda 1
Justin Conlee Koehler
Edno Kraja
James Michael Lakatosh 3
Travis Jared Lang 1 2
Austin Daniel Lasceski
Dalano Rodale Lovette
Julian Pllumb Malaj
Lexus Mo’Nique May
Lucas Anthony McGuffin 1 2 3
Devin James McNally
Jeffrey Raymond Monday 1 2 3
Destiny Marie Musse 3
Kylie Nicole Pagel
Trevor William Pavlik
Karol Poplawski 1
Michael Anthony Edward Resk 1
Daniel Maxwell Rits
Nicholas Hans Sabalinski 3
Kamr A. Salloom
Jared Robert Saroli
Milad Qays Mal Allah Shafo
Nathaniel James Sherman
Matthew Paul Shivers
MariamSetrak Shleimoun
Adrian Alexander-Paul Shrubowich
Kayla Ellure Spencer 1
Jacob Ernest Stewart 1
Gage Joseph Tasevski 1
Farah Louie Taza 1
Ashley Kate Thompson 1
James Tyler Todd
Jacob Allen Todd
Alexia Gene Tyler 1
Nikolas Lek Uka 1 2
Cassie Lynn Vantroostenberghe
Liam Douglas Vinson 1
Carlos Fabian Vizcaino
Nikole Aleksa Vulinovic 1 3
Xavia Nicole Wood
Narsee Faris Yalda 1
Brandon Nabil Yousif
JaQuan Kameron Zachery
Kevin S. Zora 2
Yousif Mohssen Yousif Zora

1 Honor Cords (3.3 or higher GPA)
2 AP Course
3 Dual Enrollment
4 Seal of Global Language 
5 National Adult Education Honor Society