2021-22 School Year Open House

UCS Early Childhood Programs Virtual
Open House

Wednesday February 10, 2021 (6:00 pm)

Parents of young children in Utica Community Schools and neighboring areas are invited to join us in February 2021 for our District’s Early Childhood (Nursery and Preschool) program's Open House.  This is your opportunity to meet our teachers, see the classrooms and get answers to your questions.  Teachers will share information about the program including curriculum and a typical daily schedule. Early Childhood Open Houses will take place virtually, from the following locations (subject to change):                 

  • Beacon Tree I & II  
  • Browning
  • Burr
  • Collins
  • Crissman
  • DeKeyser
  • Duncan I, II & III
  • Ebeling
  • Flickinger
  • Graebner
  • Havel
  • Monfort
  • Roberts
  • Schwarzkoff
  • Wiley
  • Beacon Tree Montessori
  • Messmore Montessori
  • Full Day Preschool (at Duncan)
  • Come Play with Me (at Duncan)
  • Full Day Preschool (at the Community  Education Center)
  • Infant/Toddler Early Learning and Care (at the Community Education Center)   

For additional information call (586) 797-4660 or visit www.ucscommunityeducation.com/early_childhood